Tanneries Haas (France)

Tanneries Haas (France)

In 1842, Aloys Haas converted a spinning factory into a slipper production facility, adding a tannery for sole manufacturing. Located in Eichhoffen, eastern France, the tannery capitalized on its strategic proximity to the Andlau River and a chestnut tree forest, essential for tannins.

Pioneering Standards and Innovations

Haas tanneries gained acclaim for high standards, expanding significantly during the industrial age. Innovations like white calf, Box-Calf, spinning calf, Novocalf, and Barénia contributed to the tannery's reputation for softness and durability.

Despite facing two fires and bankruptcy in 1970, the tannery underwent a revival under Roland Müller, a son-in-law of the Haas family. Diversification aligned with fashion trends, and a robust partnership with Longchamp, a leather goods company, was forged.

Family Leadership (1990s - Present)

In the 1990s, Roland Müller's children, Emmanuelle and Jean-Christophe, took leadership roles. Emmanuelle initiated a quality laboratory, while Jean-Christophe became CEO, overseeing a workforce of over a hundred employees. Production and turnover doubled between 1995 and 2005.

Emphasizing sourcing from French farms, where calves are raised on mother's milk, Jean-Christophe Muller ensures 95% of tanned hides meet the highest standards. The company caters to leather goods manufacturers, footwear, saddlery, and ready-to-wear industries.

Covering 35,000 square meters, Tanneries Haas seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Equipped with modern machinery and a bleaching plant, the tannery attracts leading luxury brands for regular visits.

Actively engaged in improving raw material quality and processing, Tanneries Haas funds initiatives like vaccinating animals against parasites. This significantly reduces discarded hides. The company prioritizes waste utilization, recycling discarded skins, and repurposing wool for heel parts.

For Jean-Christophe Müller, innovation remains a key focus. Research and development, along with customer service, are strategic areas. The goal is to provide customers with 'bespoke' products on an industrial scale, meeting their evolving needs. Tanneries Haas continues to shape the future of luxury leather craftsmanship, blending tradition with forward-thinking approaches.

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