Python Species in the Global Exotic Leather Trade

Python Species in the Global Exotic Leather Trade

Today, five different python species play a role in the global leather trade. Three stand out as the most sought-after, reaching our shores as processed materials.

The Three Kings

Reticulated Python (Diamond Python)

Known for its striking diamond pattern, this python grows up to 6 meters in the wild but is commercially available in sizes between 2 and 4 meters. Compared to its counterparts, its texture is distinct, featuring narrow belly scales that remain small regardless of the pelt's size. This characteristic dictates its cutting method: precisely along the belly, preserving the uniform, fine texture across the hide. The natural pigment pattern is random, asymmetrical, and rounded – a true unconventional beauty.

Curtus Python (Short-Tailed Python)

The most budget-friendly option, the Curtus typically reaches only 1.5-1.7 meters. Its pelt's central section expands sharply before tapering towards the edges, resulting in a finished hide with a 15cm width at the edges and a 30-33cm central portion. Due to its wide central belly scales, it's only cut along the back.

Almaze Python (Lettered Python)

The priciest of the three, this species boasts a harmonious, almost symmetrical pigment pattern resembling cut diamonds (hence the name). Its hides can be cut both on the belly and the back, preserving the stunning pattern equally well. It has a broad central belly scale that expands proportionally with the hide's size.

Sizes and Specifications

Reticulated python skins have two size categories based on belly width:

  1. Size One: 27+ cm
  2. Size Two: 30+ cm

In Size One, the hide measures 27-29 cm at its widest point, while Size Two spans 30-34 cm. The hide narrows closer to the edges, but larger sizes boast wider areas not just in the center but also at the edges. For example, a size 27+ hide is ~2.2 to ~3.3 meters long and ~17-18 cm wide at the edges, while a size 30+ is ~3.2 to ~4.15 meters long and ~20 cm wide at the edges. Proportionally, larger pelts expand in all directions.

Direct Sourcing for Your Needs

We bypass remnants and work directly with Italian factories, securing exactly what you require. This allows us to purchase specific sizes in quantities of 3 skins per color. Read more about Italian delivery here.

Our python skin offer:

  • Direct, reliable Italian partnerships: We collaborate with Italian factories on regular items (repeatable orders), custom requests (different cutting formats), and combined orders.
  • Internationally certified materials: All materials carry international certifications, easily accessible upon request or within this catalog. We also handle official exports with certificates in your company's name – a turnkey solution. Read more here.
  • Color palettes and custom dyeing: Order skins in specific color palettes (minimum 3 pieces per color). Additionally, we can have the leather dyed in your company's signature color.
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