About the partnership

  • The referral program is a simplified form of cooperation under an offer agreement (here you will need someone to draw up a contract - I am not a lawyer). Upon registration, each partner is assigned a unique code. It allows the system to recognize who exactly attracted the client.

    Referral partners recommend AV Leather products using referral links and other tools. The sale of goods is carried out by AV Leather, and the partner receives remuneration from the payment of attracted new customers.

  • Referral program participants

    • Portals and blogs owners.
    • Individuals and legal entities who are interested in making money on AV Leather product recommendations.
    • SMM managers involved in social media promotion.
    • All loyal users who are ready to recommend AV Leather products for solving business problems to their colleagues, friends, and acquaintances.

How to become a partner

  • Register and fill out the form

    Read the terms of the partnership and register in the Referral Program. After registration, you will be assigned an individual affiliate code. You will get access to your personal account and useful tools for product promotion.

    Register using the link: link

  • Attract customers and partners

    Post affiliate links on your blog, website, or social media. Send requests for clients from your personal account. Track traffic statistics and analyze the effectiveness of advertising sources. We will do all the work on the sale of services.

  • Get rewarded

    We calculate monthly agency fees for our partners. You get profit from every sale of AV Leather products, which is made to new customers and marked with your affiliate code! We also charge additional remuneration for the partners included in the referral program!

How to recommend services

You can recommend products in person and online. To do this, you can use the tools of the partner's account:

  • Sending a request for a client

    Tell the client about the service in person or by phone. If they are interested in buying it, then specify the client's details and send an application for them from the partner's account (here you need to talk to the proger).

  • Referral links

    A referral link is a link to a website page with a built-in affiliate promo code that allows you to record customer clicks and purchases. Send them directly to the client, post them on your Internet resources etc.

  • Banners

    If you have your own website or blog, then place advertising banners of AV Leather products on it. We have prepared banners for websites and social networks of different formats for more different services. When clicking on the banner, the client will go to the service page with your affiliate code.

Conditions for receiving remuneration

The reward is awarded only for all AV Leather products.

The reward is awarded for all AV Leather products that the customer buys via the link within 60 days.

Remuneration is accrued every time the amount of the agency fee reaches $100, within the time limits set for the payment of the agency fee.

The remuneration is paid to the partner's bank account.

Calculation of remuneration

The reward is calculated in the amount of 10% of the amount of purchased goods via your affiliate link. If the customer applied a discount from the current promotion at the time of purchase, the payment amount will be calculated from the amount of the paid product and not its value without a discount.

Additional remuneration

The partner can receive an additional reward in the amount of 2% of the payments made by the clients of the partner they brought. The additional remuneration is calculated from the amount of the accounts paid by the clients of the listed partner in the reporting period.

It is paid once a month together with the main agency fee. To receive additional remuneration, there are no restrictions on the minimum amount of sales of the listed partners.

How to get a remuneration

When the amount of accrued remuneration reaches $100, we will send a remuneration report to your partner's account. If the minimum amount of remuneration is not reached, then you will receive a preliminary report for review.

Reports are received monthly by the 15th for the previous billing period on the "Remuneration" tab. (clarify the issue with the programmer)

Getting a remuneration

Requirements and restrictions

  • It is not allowed to place affiliate links on websites

    Do not comply with the requirements of the current legislation.

    Claiming inequality of people by gender, race, nationality, religion, social status, and property level.

    Having offensive and/or pornographic content.Which represent online casinos and file sharing sites.

    Offering payment for viewing and/or clicks on ads (banners) or other types of advertising, payment for viewing websites, emails, etc., as well as other similar types of earnings on the Internet.

    Having content that misleads users.

    Downloading viruses, Trojans, or other malicious programs to users' computers and mobile devices.

  • It is forbidden

    Spam mailing using the affiliate code of the program.

    Creation of fraudulent applications using contacts of organizations without the consent of the client.

    Use brand queries (product names) as keywords when conducting a contextual advertising campaign.

    Use the word "official" and its derivatives in the text of advertising materials (with the exception of the phrase "official partner" and its derivatives).

    Simulate the sites of AV Leather and its products.

    Use other people's domain names as links in advertising materials.

    Imitate other people's websites.

    Use other people's logos or elements of other people's logos without the permission of their copyright holders.

Please note! We check the sources of applications and may refuse to partner in case of violation of the program rules.

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