Our history

A&V Leather Inc. is an American brand with Ukrainian roots, which specializes in creating high-quality accessories from exclusive types of leather, such as alligator, shark, ostrich, stingray and unique leather from the best European manufacturers.

Our values are based on the principle of "the best for the best". We combine advanced technologies with traditional methods of leather craft, using only the best materials and unique technologies.

Our brand has an interesting history. A&V Inc. was founded by a family of immigrants from Ukraine who moved from Kyiv to Miami in 2013. The founder, Maxim Tkachenko, was inspired by the diversity and creativity of Miami street fashion, and decided to create a brand that combines the American spirit of freedom and European elegance.

The name of the brand is an abbreviation of the names of his sons and embodies such values as responsibility, honesty, support and kindness. We strive for a responsible attitude towards the environment and the planet as a whole, and we understand the importance of social responsibility in the modern world of fashion. Therefore, we use only recycled leather - these are materials that could have been recycled due to non-standard size, customer rejection or leftovers from the best European factories.

So, if you're looking for unique accessories with soul and character that reflect your inner self, A&V Corp. is definitely it. Because we create the best for the best.