The Smell of Genuine Leather

The Smell of Genuine Leather

The sense of smell, the ability to detect the odors of substances dispersed in the air (olfaction), varies among individuals.

When it comes to the smells of animal leather, it's worth noting that at different stages, this leather has completely different odors. Specifically, I didn't write "smells."

Going ahead, I'll say that the smell of vegetable-tanned leather is PLEASANT and even DELICIOUS, but only until it is exposed to dyes, etc.

If we take the opposite perspective (as seen in screenshots from search engines), when choosing leather goods and afterward, consumers are more concerned with the smell not being bad (harsh, chemical, acquired, etc.) rather than how good it is. After all, leather raw material starts acquiring less desirable odors during the process of chemical tanning (chrome, titanium, zirconium, etc.), dyeing, finishing treatment, storage, and so on.

To combat the acquisition of these odors, the chemical industry offers various aromatic components with a "pleasant leather scent," actively used:

  • in the leather production process, especially for leather substitutes, and so on;
  • in the pre-sale preparation of products;
  • in the care of purchased items.
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