Lining Leather for Watch Bands

Lining Leather for Watch Bands

Let's talk a little about the back side (no not the medal) of a watch band…

Lining leather for watch bands, bracelets and other products that have direct contact with the skin should be not only beautiful, practical but also, first of all, safe. In my straps, I use hypoallergenic vegetable-tanned leather, Degerman Alsavel, and I especially favor HAAS Zermatt…

Zermatt leather is supplied by Haas tanneries in France. Haas has been producing leather since 1842 and is well known for its high-quality calfskin, being a supplier to many high-end luxury brands. Zermatt's special finishing hypoallergenic coating is wear-resistant and water-resistant, preserving the texture and grain of the leather. The additional coating prevents darkening, does not absorb grease, sweat, or moisture, and does not oxidize in the air. This item is produced only in France, it is used on luxury watches (Hermes, Cartier, Chopard, etc.), and on suit belts.

Such lining has many advantages:

  • it does not get dirty for a very long time;
  • it does not oxidize from grease and sweat, so it does not darken;
  • it has a hypoallergenic impregnation;
  • it has a water-resistant impregnation.
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