Using Shark Leather to Create Exotic Items

Using Shark Leather to Create Exotic Items

Shark skin is a spectacular material, having a unique shade and an unusual texture. Such features allow for making truly exotic items of this material. So, let's clarify the most common things that are made of the described hide.

#1 – Using Shark Skin to Make Belts

To make a good belt, you need 3rd or 4th-grade leather. Using a full-sized pelt, two or even three items may be created. Leather scraps left over as a part of belt making may be used to fill patches on other shark-skin items. You can also create decorative tassels, shoe tongues, or wristbands using the scraps left.

#2 – Shark-Skin Wallets 

Qualitatively treated leather of this type stands out for its durability, water resistance, and attractiveness. All that makes the described material perfect for crafting fascinating wallets of it. It's advisable to use 1st or 2nd-grade leather to make the accessories. Otherwise, defects will be shown on a wallet. Shark pelts are large enough to craft passport cases, billfolds, or even envelope wallets.

#3 – Don't Forget About Making Exotic Footwear

Another popular modern use for shark hides is to create waterproof shoes. The pelt's average width is up to 20", and its length is as much as 30". This size is commonly large enough to make the panels needed for crafting shoes, even with a large fin hole located in the pelt's center.

Shark leather is incredibly supple. It's even more flexible than stingray skin. That's why it is a flawless material to create classy and comfortable boots. Sometimes, shoemakers combine shark leather with eel skin. The latter is frequently used to craft boot tongues. Such a combination enables you to create truly luxurious footwear that'll suit the pickiest fashionistas.

Commonly, 2nd and 3rd-grade hides are used to make shoes. Such an approach helps you avoid cutting out defects in the 4th-grade material or overpaying for the 1st-grade one.

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