Key Features of American Crocodile Skin

Key Features of American Crocodile Skin

American crocodile leather essentially differs from the skins of other crocodile species. Its hide quite essentially varies from the leather of other species, like the American alligator (gator) skin. The flanks of Acutus crocodile take up a comparatively small portion of the mod-body width, unlike the gators. This feature is vital for those who make skin clothes. The peculiarity may also be helpful for crafters who create items with a preference for not round scales on the flanks but square scales on the belly. Thus, let's dive deeper into the peculiarities of Auctus crocodile leather.


The bone amount is one of the primary characteristics of exotic leather. It determines ready-made product flexibility and elasticity. Furthermore, the aspect defines how amenable the leather is to treatment as part of manufacturing end products.

For instance, caimans have the most durable leather among crocodilian species. The bone amount of their pelts is about 1.95% to 2.25%. Handbags, purses, etc., made of this skin tend to have folds.

For their part, Nile crocodile and gator leather are slightly easier to treat as they have much less bone in them. In turn, Acutus and saltwater crocodile skins are the most pliable and mildest because they're absolutely boneless.

Follicle Markings on Abdominal Scales

Acutus crocodile leather differs from other pelts by the availability of small follicles. Such marks are also considered a highlight of the material. These markings are typical for Acutus, saltwater, Nile, and Siamese crocodiles.

Large Sizes

Farmers equatorward mainly grow Acutus crocodile. This allows for avoiding great expenses on heating to keep the reptiles warm. Consequently, the farmers have hefty cost advantages. As a result, they can breed larger-sized crocodiles with significantly lower spending compared to farms elsewhere. So, equatorward, you may find the largest and best-quality Acutus crocodile at the most affordable price all over the world.

Not Allowed in the United States

Items made of high-quality crocodile leather are much desired by pickiest consumers worldwide. That's because you exceed your customer's expectations and become the true epitome of style with such material. Nevertheless, American crocodile leather is prohibited from being imported and traded in the USA today. You can buy it from European websites, though.

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