J&E Sedgwick & Co: Crafting Excellence in English Leather Since 1900

J&E Sedgwick & Co: Crafting Excellence in English Leather Since 1900

English leather is known as the finest leather in the world. J&E Sedgwick & Co. stands tall in the realm of leather craftsmanship. The company has always been characterized by the consistently high quality of its products. This has been achieved in part by carefully selecting raw materials, maintaining the expertise of its craftsmen, and adhering to the timeless art of manual leather processing.

Established by James and Emmanuel Sedgwick in 1900, the company has been a stalwart producer of premium leather for equestrian harnesses and gear. Over the past 100 years, J&E Sedgwick's business has grown steadily. Despite the advent of modern equipment, the company places a great deal of emphasis on the manual processing of leather. 

Unparalleled quality and distinctive characteristics set the leather apart. Sourced through a rigorous selection process, their material boasts exceptional durability, a luxurious feel, and a timeless aesthetic. The brand takes pride in the manual processing that imparts a unique character to each piece, making it a symbol of both heritage and innovation.

Over the last century, J&E Sedgwick & Co has not just thrived but expanded its footprint globally. In a significant move in 2015, the company joined forces with William Clarke to become part of The Clayton Leather Group.

Explore the world of J&E Sedgwick & Co, where tradition meets innovation, and every piece of leather tells a story of craftsmanship that transcends time and borders.

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