The term 'hydrophilic' is used to describe a material that tends to absorb water due to its molecular structure, and one such material is wood. In fact, tanning agents present in various plants used for leather tanning are water-soluble. Understanding this lays the groundwork for appreciating the challenges faced by the team at Conceria La Bretagna in the process of producing water-resistant vegetable-tanned leather.

They knew that going against nature would be a challenge. Leveraging their accumulated knowledge and skills, after five years of research and development, along with a thorough exploration of various oils and tanning agents in the market, they discovered the art.

IDROKANSAS – a 'precious gem' of leather with outstanding resistance to water droplets on both the front (epidermis) and the back. This is a remarkable achievement, considering that regular untreated vegetable-tanned leather retains water droplets for only a few minutes on the front and one minute on the back.

This material has proven its mettle through various tests, showcasing its water resistance in different scenarios. The leather is specially crafted for technical items meant for outdoor use, even in rainy conditions. Think backpacks, motorcycle bags, travel bags, gear for hunters, golf bags, as well as indoor furniture like tables, chairs, sofas, and accessories for outdoor furniture.

It’s the epitome of water-resistant elegance, a testament to the fusion of nature and innovation in leather craftsmanship.

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