All About the Crocodile Skin Sizes

All About the Crocodile Skin Sizes

Crocodile skins, regardless of the breed, are measured based on the widest part of the belly. The size is specified in centimeters, representing the width of the belly. These measurements are meticulously taken directly at the factory.

Proportional Length and Width

The length of the crocodile's skin is always directly proportional to its width. In simple terms, the wider the skin, the longer it is. Notably, the length is not measured separately, and it doesn't impact the overall price of the skin.

To determine the value of a particular crocodile hide, the size is multiplied by the price per centimeter. This straightforward calculation involves multiplying the width by the cost per centimeter.

Example: If a whole pelt measures 26 cm and has a price of 11€/cm, the cost would be:


Addressing the common question, "Can you tell me the average cost of skins?" proves challenging. The cost of crocodile hides exhibits a significant range, spanning from 200€ to approximately 1300€ per hide.

Why the Range?

The considerable variability arises due to factors like the size of the hide, the breed of the crocodile, and the specific characteristics of the skin.

For a price of around 600€, you may encounter both a small yet expensive pelt (e.g., 35cm at ~18€ per cm) and a large but more economical one (e.g., 52cm at ~12€ per cm).

Understanding these nuances is vital for accurately assessing the value and cost-effectiveness of crocodile skins in the market. The interplay of size, price, and individual characteristics makes each hide a unique investment.

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